Bid for Good: Tzu Chi New York Charity Art Auction
July 3, 2021

This summer, join Tzu Chi New York on Saturday, July 3rd for a special, one-time charity auction featuring breathtaking art from East Asia. Collections include porcelain and pottery; vintage stone, bronze, and wood art, as well as calligraphy and paintings.

Marking 30 Years of Compassion in Action

This year, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tzu Chi New York with compassion and relief. Our humanitarian missions, powered almost entirely by volunteers and inspired by Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s teachings, include missions in…

  • charity, with family assistance programs that include SNAP, VITA, and food distribution, as well as individual charity cases
  • medicine, with free medical outreaches, a vision mobile program, and our Healthy Community initiatives
  • disaster relief, with immediate aid delivered directly to areas impacted by natural and manmade disasters

… and so much more.

Make a charitable contribution and support our neighbors in need today.

About Our Collection

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About Our Collection

Philanthropist Pin-Jen Chen was a lifelong collector of fine art from East Asia. Whether painted in blue, splashed with ink, or carved from jade, such timeless pieces are regarded the world over by historians, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

In 1970, Pin-Jen and his wife Lynda left Taiwan for the United States, yet kept their connections to their homeland well and alive. In 1999, after Taiwan’s 921 earthquake, Lynda devoted her time to help fundraise for Tzu Chi’s disaster relief efforts. Yet, her compassion then connected her to a new group of people she could later rely on: Tzu Chi volunteers.

In 2004, Lynda was diagnosed with a long-term illness. Tzu Chi volunteers stayed by her side, to give her company and support in these difficult years of her life. These acts of grace were not lost on Pin-Jen and Lynda’s eldest son, Charles Chen, who, after his parents’ passing wished to pay it forward by graciously donating his parents’ art collection to Tzu Chi in the hopes that they would continue the cycle of love.

Discover the Artwork

On July 3rd, join Tzu Chi New York for the grand opening event of the charity art sale. VIsitors will have the chance to explore the collection and be able to bid on seven featured pieces. Proceeds will be devoted to the charity missions fueled by Tzu Chi New York.

July 3, 2021

10am -3pm
Auction starts at 11am

Tzu Chi Northeast Region Office
137-77 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11354

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Laughing Buddha (Maitreya Buddha)

Size: 16″ x 8″ | Antique solid bamboo root carved into a laughing Maitreya Buddha statue. Features old-fashioned patina, an exquisite texture, and rich patterns. Symbolizes wealth and dates from twentieth century China or earlier.

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Antique Celadon Jade Teapot

Size: 3 1/2″ x 5″ | A mini jade teapot from the 20th century or prior. The surface and its patterns are shiny and smooth.

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Pre-Chin Dynasty Jade Belt

Size: 22″ x 2″ | This ancient green and white jade belt is whole and fully attached with no duplicate designs. The hooks and loops are interlocking. The smooth, natural jade has two or three phases of colors, including red, and moiré patterns, connecting the upper and lower dragon designs, which are exquisitely fine and subtle.

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White Jade Cabbage

Size: 10″ x 5″ | This unique piece has been realistically carved into a bok choy cabbage, an auspicious symbol in East Asian culture of wealth and abundance. The jade is pure white and flawless.

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Antique Jade Incense Burner Pot

Size: 6″ x 6 1/2″ | Hetian white jade incense burner. Standing on three legs, the pot features dragon heads on both sides, three carved rings, and a cover. An antique piece from 19th/20th century China.

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Antique Carved Jade Magpie on a Branch

Size: 7″ x 5 1/2″ | An ingeniously carved 18th or 19th century jade piece of a magpie on a branch. It is a deeply auspicious symbol of double happiness, as well as safety and good health.

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Ancient Twin Jade Dragons

Size: 6″ x 1 1/2″ | A pair of ancient dragon shaped jade figurines with belt hooks. The jade features beautiful colors and patterns, symbolizing a dragon’s nine ‘sons.’ In ancient Chinese mythology, a dragon has nine sons, each with different characters, and their images are widely used in architectural decoration (particularly in royal palaces). The dragons symbolize safety, protection from disaster, and strength in one’s career.


Bid for Good: Tzu Chi New York Chairty Art Sale Catalogue

Learn more about what is for sale and the story behind these pieces in our catalogue.

Artwork Sale

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TCNY 30th Anniversary

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