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Video Journalist 攝影記者

Media Production Center

Job description 工作描述

We are looking for a Video Journalist who has the capacity to create video stories for Tzu Chi activities in Southern California from pre-production to post-production. Video stories that convey the news and Tzu Chi’s message for the audiences. Day-to-day duties include but not limited to: researching, and reporting, developing, taped video segments, and editing.


Qualifications 工作技能需求

  • Experience in Video Cameras shooting and editing (Adobe Premiere Pro) 
  • Must be able to conduct interviews in Chinese and English
  • Deadline focused and attention to detail enthusiast 
  • Fluent (writing, reading, and speaking) in English, and able to speak and understand  Chinese Mandarin.  *Spanish is a plus.

  • 可以高質量和清晰邏輯的方式,來完成一個完整的活動視頻故事。
  • 具備良好的採訪拍攝能力與視頻編輯能力。
  • 能在活動現場中,挖掘出感動人心的故事!
  • 能在規定期限內,完成新聞視頻製作,並上傳工作平台。
  • 必須具備英文聽說讀寫與中文聽說的能力。如有西班牙文溝通能力會更佳!

Office location 工作地點

  • San Dimas, CA 南加州

Salary 報酬

  • According to personal academic experience in the interview to confirm.
  • 視個人學經歷面談確認。

Job type 工作類型

  • We will first cooperate in the Independent Contractor mode, and depending on work performance, there is a chance to become a full-time employee (Employee).
  • 將先以Independent Contractor(獨立契約工)模式合作,視工作表現,有機會轉為全職員工(Employee)。

Interested candidates, please send your work resume to: [email protected]Thank you!

請有意者將您的工作簡歷寄至[email protected]