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Blood Drive

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Tzu Chi New York has been collaborating with the New York Blood Center since 2002, organizing three large-scale blood drives each year. We strive to encourage the participation of those who have never donated blood before, alleviating their fear or reluctance by revealing how one blood donation can save three lives. Concurrently, Tzu Chi New York advocates the donation of bone marrow to save lives.

Prerequisites for blood donation:

  • Age range 17 to 75 (Donors aged 16 will require parental or guardian consent. Those above 75 will require a doctor’s certificate)
  • Over 110 pounds
  • Donor must be free from AIDS and hepatitis
  • Donor must not have given blood in the past two months, or received tattoos or ear piercings in the past 12 months


  • Donating blood on an empty stomach is not recommended: Please eat before.
  • Please bring a photo ID with signature or donation card.