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Dialysis Support Group Gathering


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Chronic Renal Failure Support Group

Serving the entire Bay Area of Northern California

The purpose of Chronic Renal Failure Support Group is to provide Chinese speaking patients with renal failure-related information on medicine, social benefits, nutrition, self-care and emotional support. Due to the language barrier, Chinese speaking patients may have difficulties in comprehending the complexity of the information regarding renal dialysis from their health care providers here in the US. We believe that they will benefit from a support group that can provide information in their language of comfort. 

Our main target is Chinese-speaking patients who are suffering from chronic renal failure or on dialysis, or their family members or potential dialysis patients and those interested in learning more about kidney disease or kidney transplant recipients.

We provide chronic kidney failure information through lectures, demonstrations, dialogues and sharing between audience. Also provide information regarding self-care for chronic renal diseases and dialysis care. Introduce social resources, patient support, nutrition information. Bring patients comfort and confidence to improve their quality of life.

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