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Luncheon Dialogue: The Role of Plant-Based Diet in Addressing the Climate Crisis


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Climate Week NYC 2019 kicks off on September 23rd with hundreds of events, panels and dialogues around climate action and its diverse intersections.

As an organization that takes compassion and transforms it into action, we believe now is the defining moment to do something about this global crisis.

We’ll be hosting a luncheon dialogue on “The Role of Plant-Based Diet in Addressing the Climate Crisis” with climate leaders and experts in the field on September 28th to discuss a path toward a more equitable, just and sustainable future. Featured speakers will include President of Sustainability Health Education (SHE) Dr. Cristina Tirado, Raphael Pederson of ProVeg, and Steve Chiu of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation.

Informative talks will explore the positive impacts of vegetarianism on our ecological footprint and global efforts that can be taken to spread awareness. In addition, delicious vegetarian dishes will be served to allow guests the chance to learn about and taste vegetarian alternatives.

Join us to change the conversation about climate action and let your voice be heard.

**Climate-friendly, vegan lunch provided**



Raphael Podselver – ProVeg

Raphaël Podselver works as an International Political Outreach Officer at the food awareness organization ProVeg International in Berlin. Paris born and raised, Raphaël’s career took a global path where he gained experience in political advocacy in Brussels and New York City, as well as efficiency in business development for tech startups in Germany. In his work, Raphaël focuses on the impact of animal agriculture on climate change and advocates for a shift towards less resource-intensive and more plant-based food systems.

Dr. Cristina Tirado – Sustainability Health Education

Dr. Cristina Tirado is an expert on climate change, health and nutrition, in particular of the co-benefits of sustainable, healthy diets and consumption patterns. She is a lead author of the IPCC WGII AR6 chapters on “Health, Wellbeing and Changing Structure of Communities”; co-author of “Cross Chapter Papers on the Mediterranean Region and “Deserts and Desertification”; and contributing author of the “Food Security” and the “African” chapters. She leads the storyline on co-benefits to health of actions in the “Agriculture, Transport, Energy, Housing” sectors. She is also a contributing author of the Ibero-American Network of Climate Change Offices RIOCC Adapt Report case study on climate adaptation for nutrition, and health in the dry corridor in Central America.


Steve Chiu – Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Steve Chiu is Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation’s Main Representative at the United Nations. In alignment with Tzu Chi’s work in disaster relief, climate action, education for global citizenship, sustainable development and gender equality, Steve works to build relationships, share best practices and develop programs with other organizations to make tangible impacts on the ground, all with the mission of alleviating the suffering of those in need. With over 19 years of experience in community based development and local interfaith partnership, Steve seeks to connect the importance of grassroots action to policies that are being developed on the international level.

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