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Luncheon Dialogue: Solutions for Achieving Target 4.7

With an ever-growing interconnectedness among people, countries and the world, it’s time to recognize the emerging world community to which we all belong. Follow the path of global citizenship to help unite the world by its differences at the Tzu Chi’s parallel event for the United Nations 2019 High Level Political ForumLuncheon Dialogue: Solutions for on Achieving Target 4.7.

In partnership with the Coalition for Global Citizenship, attendees will join together at the Tzu Chi Da Ai Center to recognize the global dimension of equitable, inclusive education and sustainability in a dialogue on the connection between achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Target 4.7. The solution-oriented luncheon will feature keynote presentations from Dr. Ashima Mathur, Vice President of the Global Network for Sustainable Development, and Dino Foi of Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation , highlighting actions and solutions that embed global citizenship education into the development framework. Following the brief keynotes, a brainstorming will aid in the advancement of current solutions and alleviation of challenges.

Keynote Speakers

Dino Foi – Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation

Dr. Ashima Mathur – Global Network for Sustainable Development

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