While 2017 proved to be a catastrophic year of wildfires for California, this year’s droughts continue to bring an onslaught of fires. The wildfires persisted in 2018 as our volunteers aided in the West Fire that destroyed 56 acres by quickly distributing blankets and cash cards to dislocated families. Tzu Chi’s efforts continue with volunteers working on the ground amidst the chaos to provide disaster relief to those affected by the Northern California Carr Fire, which already destroyed 115,538 acres of lands and claimed 6 lives, including 2 of firefighters. After the wildfires of 2017 devastated California, Tzu Chi distributed a total of $595,800 in financial aid to over 1,119 families in addition to hot meals and blankets for the evacuees while collaborating with the American Red Cross to set up shelters. It can take days or weeks to get a wildfire under control, during which the flames can consume thousands of acres, decimate communities and homes, and tragically claim lives. In the aftermath of these calamities, many will return to a wasteland, their houses a pile of ash. It will take time to recover, emotionally and financially. Tzu Chi USA is always at the ready to provide timely disaster relief.


Please support our wildfire relief to show those impacted by fires your love. Your donation can mean a cash card in the hands of someone who lost everything and must rebuild from scratch. And we deliver your love in person, offering comfort at a time of greatest need.