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Tzu Chi Connect is supported on the following platforms:

Android 6.0
Android 7.0
Android 7.1 
Android 8.0
Android 8.1

The Tzu Chi Connect app allows you to get up to speed on the causes you care about and make contributions that benefit the projects you choose; make nominal contributions by rounding up purchases through our ‘spare change’ feature; get the latest news from Tzu Chi USA on our projects; watch the latest relief mission videos; and connect with all the people who make up the Tzu Chi network.

Once you link your payment info, Tzu Chi Connect will track all your contributions within the app in a tab accessible to the bottom right of your screen called “Stats.” From there, you can see what you’ve donated each month.

As a priority, your contribution will go toward the action item to which you have dedicated it. However, as needs on the ground are constantly changing, we may allocate your contribution to benefit a different action item or project that will still relieve suffering in some form.

Currently, the ‘Spare Change’ feature is only available to US users. Want it for your country? Email us at [email protected] and send a request.

Tzu Chi Connect is free to download and install for either iOS or Android platforms.

Simply search Tzu Chi Connect in the App Store or in the Google Play Store.

For a more detailed tutorial, check out our App Tutorials page.

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